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Area rugs beautify your home and can be real investment pieces. And like any investment in home decorating, you need to protect your rug with regular maintenance and periodic deep cleaning. Dust and dirt are abrasive, and will literally cut into your rug's fibers, shortening its life. A good way to test if your rug needs cleaning is to hold up a corner of the rug while you kick it gently from underneath. If you see a cloud of dust, it's time to clean the rug.

Protecting Your Investment

Vacuum your rug regularly, especially if it is in a high traffic area. Just be really careful not to catch the rug's fringe with the vacuum cleaner. And you should know that vacuuming can't get all the dirt out of a wool rug, even in multiple passes. That's because the fibers themselves have tiny ridges on the side which capture even more dirt.

To make sure your rug wears evenly, rotate it periodically. And call on Carpet Cleaning Trenton, your Trenton-area rug cleaning experts, once a year to get your handmade Oriental rugs, Persian rugs or your factory-made synthetic or wool rugs totally clean.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Carpet Cleaning Trenton's technicians know about rug cleaning. When they look at your rug onsite in your home or office, they'll be looking for more than just visible stains. Our technicians consider a number of issues before deciding on a cleaning process, like:

Depending on these answers and on the condition of the rug, our technician will select the best cleaning method for your rug. Both steam cleaning and dry cleaning can be performed onsite.

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Luckily, rugs are portable, and the technician may recommend a complete dusting and cleaning at our in-plant rug cleaning facility. For your convenience, we offer free pickup and delivery for rugs cleaned at our facility.

Like a Spa for Your Rug

At our in-plant facility, Carpet Cleaning Trenton uses top of the line professional equipment created especially for cleaning rugs, along with safe and gentle, yet amazingly effective, Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions. No harsh chemicals, ever.

Carpet Cleaning Trenton employs a multi-step process in our facility that safeguards your valuable rug at every phase:

  1. Dusting - Our expert technicians dust rugs from both sides to get out as much dirt as possible. It just makes sense, because dirt makes mud when it gets wet.
  2. Dye testing - Even dye that was colorfast may have become unstable due to pet urine.
  3. Cleaning - Rugs can be cleaned easily through and through when fully immersed in a special rug bath. If the dye is not colorfast, a low moisture method of cleaning can be employed.
  4. Deodorizing - An additional step for rugs with deeply embedded odors.
  5. Drying - Fast drying in our climate-controlled drying area, with air movers and ample ventilation.
  6. Fringe cleaning and grooming - Detailed attention to your rug's fringe is like proper hair care. It just looks better.
  7. Our cleaners individually wrap your rug for delivery.

Call Carpet Cleaning Trenton today for beautifully clean rugs 609-807-2225 Ask about our free pickup and delivery for rug cleanings at our facility.

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