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Frequently Asked Questions

I have my own little carpet steamer; I clean my carpets regularly, why should I use you?

First of all, it's good and important that you regularly clean your carpets. We do recommend vacuuming once a week, and if you steam as well, all the better. We generally advise our clients to use Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton every 6-15 months. Since you do a good job maintaining your carpets on a regular basis, you would appear to fall at the higher end of this range. Some of the factors that determine how often to professionally clean your carpets are members of your household working in dirty/dusty environments, pets, children, babies, people suffering from allergies, and also, of course, how well you maintain them in the first place.

So why should you clean your carpets with us despite the good care you take of your carpets? Well, you just can't beat the difference that a top of the line, industrial strength machine makes. The steamer you use makes your carpet look clean, but never really extracts all of the excess dirt, dust and grime, among other things, that are rooted in the base of your carpets. It just does not have the required capabilities and strength. Our machines, in the hands of our trained professional carpet cleaners, will remove most dust particles, dirt, allergens and contaminants. Along with our green cleaning products and our top notch carpet protectants, we will help you go that extra mile in keeping your carpets clean, and help it stay that way.

My daughter was sick and threw up on my sofa and rug. I am beside myself! They were my mother's. Is there any hope of restoring my precious rug and sofa?

We hope your daughter is feeling better now!

We need a little more information to answer your question. How long has it been since it happened? Did you treat it afterwards in any way? What fabric are your sofa and rug made of? We don't want to get too graphic, but what your daughter ate is also important.

The best thing you could right now is call us at 609-807-2225 and schedule an onsite evaluation. It is FREE of charge! Once we come out, we can run a couple of tests on your sofa and rug, and let you know exactly what results we expect to achieve by cleaning. We have a great success rate with removing stains and odors. Contact us today and we'll make sure to do our best for you. If we come out, and after examining your sofa and rug, we find we cannot get it cleaned, we will part as friends and you won't have to pay anything!

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic beings that cause common allergies and trigger asthma. They are tiny bugs that can also give you skin rashes, and they usually lurk in mattresses. If dust mites populate your couch or bed, you're most likely going to get allergy-like symptoms.

Are bed bugs and dust mites the same?

Unlike dust mites, bed bugs are macroscopic, which means you can see them with your eyes. They are tiny, brownish, and oval insects that feed on human or animal blood. However, when they get full, they swell and turn reddish.

Bed bugs love to hide in mattresses, bed frames, box springs, and headboards, where they can easily bite and draw blood from people. They are most active at night and usually take their opportunity to feed when people are sleeping. They can feed up to ten minutes without you noticing. Moreover, unlike dust mites, bed bugs can leave you with visible and itchy bites.

How do you clean a mattress with baby urine?

There are many ways to clean your mattress soaked in urine. One way is by washing it with vinegar and baking soda and drying it up with a blow dryer. However, doing that alone may not leave you with a fresh scent. So, it's highly recommended that you ask help from expert mattress cleaners who perform professional mattress cleaning services.

Take action today. Call us and schedule a cleaning session to make your home really shine!
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