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Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Testing Services in Trenton, NJ

In today's age, technological advancements and innovations have helped us ensure the safety of our buildings. Ensuring either the safety of your home or the building where you spend most of your time is very important, but what if there is a silent danger that might be creeping inside your property? Molds are microorganisms that can look like a stain and can smell like a musty odor due to growing mold spores. Moisture is the main source of mold growth. It can be leaks in your roof or plumbing system or sometimes when you cook with uncovered pots or when you take long hot showers. They thrive in a warm and moist environment, and they can grow on almost any surface.

How Can Mold Damage Your House?

Mold growing in your home and building is hard to find as what you may just be looking at is just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly, untreated molds can cause you a lot of damages, specifically exposure to black mold. Your health is at risk when growing chunks of molds go undetected. Molds can be the cause of chronic coughing alongside allergies, mycotoxicosis, and chronic inflammatory response syndrome. It can even worsen preexisting lung conditions. On top of that, value of your property could drop substantially while left untreated. Thus, mold detection and mold inspection play a vital role in safeguarding your home and establishments.

Certified Mold Testing Expert Near You

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton can save you all the worry and loss when it comes to your mold problems. We have mold testing services backed by mold specialists and certified mold inspectors, equipped with the most contemporary media and techniques, which correspond to the highest standards that are safe for the health and environment. We can inspect any type of property and detect mold exposure. At home, mold can be in your basement, shower, ventilation ducts, and crawlspaces, besides on the ceiling or wall where there was a leak - this makes it trickier as it can be anywhere. Nothing to worry about because we can detect even the most complicated mold damages. If you are looking for a mold expert near you, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton is based in Trenton, NJ, offering services for all residential and commercial customers in Trenton and nearby locations in Mercer County.

Seeking professional help for your mold problem is one of the best decisions that you can do to resolve it. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton is competent to provide these carefully planned steps to eliminate molds in your household.

  • Mold Inspection will be the first step to begin your journey to a mold-free home. A visual inspection will be done by a mold expert to look around the property to find areas likely damaged by molds.
  • Air Sampling will be the next step. To collect indoor and outdoor air samples will help to examine elevated level of mold spores.
  • Surface Testing would include tape samples and swab samples to be examined for microbiology laboratory for mold spore presence.
  • Bulk Testing a method where a piece of a carpet or tile will be analyzed in a lab for mold presence.
  • Culture Testing will be one of the options when the type of mold cannot be identified. The sample will be cultured in a lab to know the identity.

Is Mold Testing Really Worth It?

You might feel the urge to do all this by yourself and just ask for some instructions from your friend Google, but is it really worth it? Do not put your health at risk just because you want to save money now, because the reality is, paying for mold testing is money well spent, because it will truly identify the problem rather than just have a short-term solution. Mold is a serious problem, and it takes careful study and effort to put an end to all the mess it causes.

Mold spores can spread like wildfire in your property and can have invasive effects on your health if not addressed immediately. If you want to be spared this mess, leave it to Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton when it comes to mold inspection services, mold testing, mold detection and others to be conducted by certified mold inspector. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning of Trenton, quality services are assured.

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